Equipment functions

Cooking equipment either uses LPG, natural gas or town gas as power source. The appliance includes gas burner, safety valve, on/off valve as basic structure.
The range includes Chinese wok range, dim sum steamer and cabinets, duck roaster, pig roaster, grill and griddle etc.
We offer a comprehensive commercial grade refrigeration product range with a choice of temperatures and extensive options for catering needs.
The range includes high performance refrigerated counters and cabinets, bottle coolers, display cabinets, wine chillers etc.
Cooking equipment uses electricity as power source. The appliance includes heating elements, thermostat or on/off switch as basic structure.
The range includes hot water dispenser, pastry oven, noodle boiler etc.
Apply ozone technology at air & water disinfection, odor-removal, control of insects and food preservation.
Cooking equipment uses induction coil located beneath a ceramic cook top to generate electric current flow to heat up the pan bottom.
The range includes table top induction hobs & woks, built-in type induction hobs & woks, multi-zone induction buffet warmer etc.