High Concentration Ozone Water System

Product Features

Ozone dissolves in water to form ozonated water which has a lot of merits of forming a good disinfection media in the Food & Beverage & Professional Kitchen applications.

  • Food Sterilization
  • Decomposition of Pesticide and food chemicals
  • Daily sanitary cleansing
  • Washing, laundry and sterilization
  • Water Purification
Model No.W-2500A-hW-1500A-hW-500A-h
Ozone Capacity (g/hr)964.5
Electricity (kW/V/Ph/Hz)0.8/220/1/500.3/220/1/500.3/220/1/50
Max. Flow Rate (L/hr.)25001500500
Ozone in Water (ppm)1.5 ~ 3.01.5 ~ 3.01.5 ~ 3.0
ORP (mV)800 ~ 900800 ~ 900800 ~ 900
Ejection PumpYesNoNo
Dimension (W x D x Hmm)
Main Unit600x305x950400x205x600400x205x600
Air Unit440x305x600440x305x600440x305x600

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