Professional Cold And Freezer Rooms

Product Features

“COZZO” offers high quality, eco-friendly, energy efficient and fully customized modular cold room panels.
Cold room can be customized to any size and materials to suit your requirements.
Our cold room panels are uniquely engineered for total cold storage performance with minimum environmental impact.

  • Construction

  • All cold rooms are to be constructed of pre-fabricated modular panels injected with 100% polyurethane (CFC free) with an average foam-in-place density of 40kg/m3 firmly glued to the inner and outer metal pans foamed under great pressure. “Foamed-in-place” around the perimeter of panel shall have a closed cell plastic gasket slightly extruded out under the 90 degree bended metal sheets to provide air tightness where two panels join together. Standard panels are built in a multiple module of 295mm in width up to 1181mm and length up to 5000mm being the maximum size of a panel.

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