Environmental Dim Sum Steamer (CE)

Product Features

  • Fast & powerful steam generation: from cold to full steam in only 8 minutes
  • Efficient four tube turbo jet burner provides quick and even heating (operating noise level at 70dB approx.)
  • Auto-fill water and overheat thermostat to protect boiler tank from damage
  • Standard accessories include steam container and cover (for dim sum), rice pan, 7-hole plate (for bamboo basket). Optional accessories include removable rice roll tray and lid (single / double compartment)

Dedicated to designing and manufacturing high quality & innovative gas cooking equipment for Europe including different style of Chinese wok range, dim sum steamer, duck / pig roaster, stock pot stove etc.

The appliances listed have been examined and comply with the Gas Appliance Regulation (EU) 2016/426 of 9th March 2016 relating to appliances burning gaseous fuels.

Width x Depth x Height (mm)950 x 1050 x (810+450)1800 x 1050 x (810+450)

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