Super Power Wok Range-Guangdong Style (CE)

Product Features

  • Powerful Ø100mm (4”) air blast type burner with stronger flame, ideal for Back of House operation (operating noise level at 90dB approx.)
  • Ø355mm (14”) cast iron ring suitable for use with round bottom wok between Ø450~560mm (18~22”)
  • Safety surveillance system (electronic safety mechanism) cuts off the gas supply within 5 seconds if the pilot flame is out to avoid gas leakage
  • Burner chamber with bonded firebrick for heat resistance and easy servicing
  • Top, sides, front panel with #304 stainless steel for hygiene and resistance to corrosion and oxidation
  • Automatic electronic ignition
  • Individual air blower

Dedicated to designing and manufacturing high quality & innovative gas cooking equipment for Europe including different style of Chinese wok range, dim sum steamer, duck / pig roaster, stock pot stove etc.

The appliances listed have been examined and comply with the Gas Appliance Regulation (EU) 2016/426 of 9th March 2016 relating to appliances burning gaseous fuels.

SINGLE BURNER (with 1 Rear Pot)
(without Rear Pot)
DOUBLE BURNER (with 2 Rear Pots)
DOUBLE BURNER (without Rear Pot)
Width x Depth x Height (mm)1200 x 1220 x (810+450)1100 x 1100 x (810+450)900 x 1050 x (810+450)2150 x 1220 x (810+450)2000 x 1100 x (810+450)1800 x 1050 x (810+450)1800 x 1220 x (810+450)

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