Chiu Chow Style Wok Range

Product Features

  • With different combinations of Air Blast Burner, Soup Pot and Rear Burner, Chiu Chow Wok Range are designed to help you deliver the most authentic Chiu Chow cuisine by performing the various traditional Chinese cooking techniques including stir frying, stewing, simmering and braising
  • Comes with 14 inch cast iron ring for approx. 18~22 inch wok
  • Series A is equipped with the built-in Flame Failure Device. Series B is equipped with the Safety Surveillance System and Electronic Ignition Device
  • Top, sides, front panel with #304 stainless steel for hygiene and resistance to corrosion and oxidation
Dedicated to designing and manufacturing high quality & innovative gas cooking equipment for Asian countries including different style of Chinese wok range, dim sum steamer, duck / pig roaster, griddle / char broiler, open burner stove & stock pot stove etc.
Series A / Model No. ►WRC-1A-GWRC-2A-G
Series B / Model No. ►WRC-1B-GWRC-2B-G
Width x Depth x Height (mm) 1400 x 1220 x (810+450)2400 x 1220 x (810+450)

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